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Antje Blättner

Antje Blättner



Dr. Blättner studied in Berlin and Munich and after graduating in 1988 she set up and ran her own small animal practice. She then completed a post-graduate course on training and coaching at the University of Linz, Austria before founding Vetkom, an international company dedicated to educating veterinarians and veterinary technicians on practice management, client communication, marketing and other related topics through lectures, seminars and in-house training. As well as editing two veterinary journals she works alongside Royal Canin training veterinarians in more than 20 different countries.)

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Being a good vet

Issue number2 Published 28/04/2021

Being a good vet (Part 1)

“If your only tool is a hammer, all problems resemble a nail”. This section will stress the different factors required to make you a “good clinician” and gain confidence in your medical decisions.

By Philippe Baralon , Antje Blättner , Pere Mercader and Mark Moran

Example of a professional-looking waiting room. ​ All the mistakes above were fixed and the following facilities were added: 1. Separated waiting areas for dogs and cats with cat carrier trees.

Issue number1 Published 10/05/2021

How to offer a great experience - Part 1

Based on studies on a human hospital, this chapter will outline the different steps in the pet owner journey in your practice, including the consultation that should be a “golden moment” for your client.

By Philippe Baralon , Antje Blättner , Pere Mercader and Susie Samuel

COVID-19: putting the team first

Issue number7 Published 28/05/2020

COVID-19: putting the team first

Veterinary practice is being challenged as never before with the COVID-19 pandemic...

By Antje Blättner

Understanding the business

Issue number2 Published 03/05/2021

Understanding the business (Part 2)

Most veterinarians are not comfortable when discussing fees, or when asked to "sell" something, but this is normal! This chapter offers a method which will allow you to prescribe or recommend products and services effectively.

By Philippe Baralon , Antje Blättner , Pere Mercader and Mark Moran