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The threat of burn-out: let’s talk about what you can do

Our work as veterinarians is very demanding, medically and emotionally speaking.
And we can take control of the dimension that belongs to us, "our internal dimension":
- We must think about being well ourselves in order to help others, we are a priority and for us it is crucial to develop our socio-emotional competences, where our emotional awareness and emotional self-regulation are the initial stages to achieve.
- We can improve how we face and explain to ourselves the positive and negative events of our profession.
- We must stop ruminating, that is, make permanent, extensive and personal the explanations that we give ourselves of the events that we live.
- We can practice more savoring, that is, focus our attention on the things that do work and make us feel good in our work and life every day and remember them frequently, explaining to ourselves why they make us feel better
- We can improve our level of wellbeing, exercising, meditating, expressing gratitude, being generous, reinforcing our close relationships, learning to forgive, enjoying the pleasures of life, cultivating optimism and many other deliberate actions.

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