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Latest articles

Cat eating kibbles

Issue number 26.2 Published 11/02/2021

Improving diet palatability for cats with CKD

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common pathologies in elderly cats, with more than 30% of individuals over 15 years of age affected.

By Astrid Le Bozec

Co-morbidity of overweight and obesity in dogs and cats

Issue number 24.3 Published 10/02/2021

Co-morbidity of overweight and obesity in dogs and cats

Obesity is a nutritional disease of concern in both canine and feline pets, with up to 35% of adult dogs and cats in the United States reported to be either overweight or obese.

By Emi Kate Saito

It is essential to provide senior cats with easy access to fresh water.

Issue number 24.3 Published 10/02/2021

Nutritional considerations for the aging cat

Improved veterinary care, nutrition and lifestyle have collectively improved the life expectancy of dogs and cats over the last 20 years.

By Vincent Biourge and Denise Elliott

Cat yawning with open mouth

Issue number 26.2 Published 28/01/2021

How I approach... The sneezing cat

Sneezing is a remarkably common presenting complaint in cats...

By Elizabeth Rozanski

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