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Franco Favaro

Franco Favaro



Dr. Favaro qualified as a psychologist from the University of Padua and has worked as a personnel director for various private and international companies in a range of sectors including telecommunications, entertainment and food. He is currently involved in strategic consulting, organizational and management roles with particular attention to human resource issues. He has wide experience in, and has developed research techniques for, the evaluation of personnel, both in collaboration with Italian Universities and the private sector. For many years he has worked with the universities of Padua, Florence, Trento and Bologna looking at issues related to the assessment and management of human resources, and has participated in the creation of various university spin-off companies in the fields of psychology, pharmacy and statistics. He is currently working with CSC, a company linked to the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Padua.

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An owner may offer their pet extra food, for example during the preparation of human food.

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The psychology of managing the owner

A person will often adopt a domestic animal as a response to a psychological need, such as the desire for a companion, but more often than not a future owner will focus on acquiring an animal that best meets their own needs without always considering the animal’s requirements.

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