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Iván López Vásquez

Iván López Vásquez



Iván comes from a family of veterinarians; his father and older brother share the same passion. He obtained his degree from the Universidad de Concepción in 1991, worked a few years at a small clinic and then shifted his career towards sales and marketing, holding several positions at multinational companies in the domestic pet market in his native country.

Since 2008 he has been the executive director of Vetcoach, a business and organizational consulting company that specializes in the pet veterinary sector in Latin America, where his vision is to create “a new standard for the veterinary world”.

Iván has studied marketing, innovation, coaching and positive psychology. Today he is a strategic business consultant in organizational development and innovation, an ORA Coach (Organizational Role Analysis), creator of initiatives to improve the well-being (happiness) of veterinary students and qualified veterinarians, as well as high-value training programs for veterinary companies and their teams on subjects such as management, wellbeing, communication skills and positive leadership.

Iván has written several management articles for veterinary journals and is an international conference speaker in Latin America.

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