Международный научный журнал по ветеринарии для специалистов в области здоровья мелких домашних животных
Veterinary Focus
Meredith J. Wall

Meredith J. Wall

BA, BVSc (Hons I)


Dr. Wall completed her veterinary degree at the University of Sydney in 2012 and spent several years working in conservation medicine and wildlife research, as well as exotic and small animal practice. She then moved to New Zealand to begin a combined clinical nutrition residency and PhD; she finished her residency in 2019 and anticipates completing her specialist board exams in 2020. Dr. Wall recently started a consultancy company that offers clinical nutrition services to clients around the world. Her interests include nutritional management of chronic kidney disease in cats, hyperlipidemia, vitamin K, fasting and caloric restriction, and exotic animal nutrition.

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Protein restriction for cats with chronic kidney disease

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Protein restriction for cats with chronic kidney disease

Feeding protein-restricted diets to cats with kidney…

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