Международный научный журнал по ветеринарии для специалистов в области здоровья мелких домашних животных
Veterinary Focus
Ana Rostaher

Ana Rostaher

Vet.Med., Dip. ECVD


Dr. Rostaher graduated from the Slovene veterinary school in 2002 and spent four years working in small animal practice whilst finishing an internship at Vienna’s Veterinary College. She then undertook a dermatology residency in Munich and also completed a research externship on feline hair follicle disorders. She achieved her ECVD Diploma in 2011 and is currently employed at the Vetsuisse Veterinary Faculty as senior clinician. Dr. Rostaher has authored over 100 publications on various aspects of dermatology and was also a committee member of both ESVD and ECVD, having recently served as president of the Slovenian Dermatology Study Group. 

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