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Miguel Ángel Díaz

Miguel Ángel Díaz



Miguel received a degree in Veterinary Science in 1990. After working at several clinics he opened his own clinic in 1992 which grew from a two-person office to a 24/7 hospital with 17 employees. After running his hospital for 25 years, he handed it over to his team in 2017 in order to concentrate exclusively on his great passion: coaching.

Miguel is the director of the company New Way Coaching, aimed at helping veterinarians become better leaders. He has been educating and training veterinarians in Europe, Latin America, and Asia since 2009 in leadership, motivational techniques, effective communication, handling objections, conflict resolution, influence and persuasion. He spends his days giving individual coaching sessions, private training for his clients’ teams, and workshops and conferences for major veterinary sector companies.

Miguel is an International Coach Certified by the International Coaching Community and the Center for Executive Coaching (USA). He is a Certified Trainer for Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

He has been an international speaker at conferences in over 10 countries on three continents. He is the author of the book “7 Keys to Successfully Running a Veterinary Practice”, which has been translated into English, Polish, Chinese and Italian.

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