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Serena Adamelli

Serena Adamelli



Dr. Adamelli graduated from the University of Padua in 2001 with a thesis on the evaluation of the quality of life for companion animals in relation with the owner. She followed this with a PhD and then post-doctorate work as a research associate, and at the same time attended foreign universities (including Cambridge School of Veterinary Medicine, the Veterinary Faculty at Barcelona and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Helsinki) to develop her knowledge of Ethology and Behavioral Medicine along with animal welfare and human-animal relationships. Her activities include tutoring and teaching as Adjunct Professor at the Universities of Bologna and Turin, and she has contributed to various scientific journals and conferences as a recognized behavioral expert. She continues to carry out research in this area and currently works for the CSC, where her main role is behavioral counseling and training.

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An owner may offer their pet extra food, for example during the preparation of human food.

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The psychology of managing the owner

A person will often adopt a domestic animal as a response to a psychological need, such as the desire for a companion, but more often than not a future owner will focus on acquiring an animal that best meets their own needs without always considering the animal’s requirements.

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