Международный научный журнал по ветеринарии для специалистов в области здоровья мелких домашних животных
Veterinary Focus
Valeriia Forkun

Valeriia Forkun

DVM, Dovira Veterinary Clinic, Kyiv, Ukraine


Valeriia Forkun founded Dovira Veterinary Clinic in 2014 in a building that was only 48 meters square. The clinic moved to larger premises in 2016 and the decision was taken to focus primarily on offering veterinary services to breeders. Work gradually expanded, and separate departments for surgery, diagnostics, intensive care, reproductive and neonatal care were introduced, along with a training schedule for staff. A clinic to treat animals with a contagious disease was opened in 2020, and a facility to allow cooperation with shelters for abandoned and stray animals was also established. Dr. Forkun believes that a clinic is not premises and equipment, it is much more about the clinicians and their reputation; she sums up her philosophy in a quote from Jacque Fresco: “if you think we can’t change the world, it just means you’re not one of those that will”.

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