Міжнародний ветеринарний науково-практичний журнал для спеціалістів у галузі охорони здоров'я тварин
Veterinary Focus
Carri Westgarth

Carri Westgarth

BSc (Hons), MPH, PhD

Велика Британія

Dr. Westgarth is a senior lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction at the University of Liverpool with a passion for understanding the relationships we have with our pets. With a background in animal behavior and dog training, she focuses on veterinary epidemiology and human public health. Her research interests center around the implications of dog ownership for human health and wellbeing, and also on how owner management of their dogs can impact animal welfare. She teaches dog training classes in her spare time and is a full member of the UK Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.

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