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Veterinary Focus

Beating Dr. Google

What happens when the “real“ vet and the Internet Dr. Google meet one another in your clinic? And your clients want to discuss the “diagnosis“ and the solutions they found on the net? That can be a challenge, but dont get into a fight! Its actually an offer and a chance to engage deeply with your pet owners!

3 steps can help you to stay calm and focus on the quality of your relationship with the client:

- Put on “clients glasses“ and dive into the perspective of your client needing help
- Reframe your mindset (from negative to positive): Discussing Dr. Google is not a fight, its an opportunity
- Use classic communication tools: open-ended questions, easy understandable advice, tailor-made solutions and the feedback technique

This way you will impress your clients and give the best advice and service you can deliver – and thats exactly what Dr. Google cannot do!



Спікер(и): Antje Blättner

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