Міжнародний ветеринарний науково-практичний журнал для спеціалістів у галузі охорони здоров'я тварин
Veterinary Focus

Pitfalls in communication with the derm patient

Many vets are not aware of it and tend to fall again and again in the same pitfalls:
1st part: Focus only on the disease or the patient, failing to engage the client and discover his/her main concerns for the visit
2nd part: Give explanations that are not understood, boring and don’t stick 
3rd part: are not clear at the end of the consultation when they have to talk about money or give a clear recommendation

Here are some tips to overcome these pitfalls and become an even more successful vet:

1st part: Start with the A: 
Ask open ended questions until you are able to know what the concerns of the client are. Search for opportunities to affirm the client, try to look for the best in the person you have in front of your eyes.

2nd part: Use simple drawings
It´s about focusing the message, like the flat part of the drawing, and trying to make it more memorable.

3rd part: Give a clear recommendation
Don´t be vague or dubious neither push nor make the client feel forced to make a decision. 


Спікер(и): Miguel Ángel Díaz

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