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    Issue number 33.1 Published 21/06/2023

    Atypical canine Hypoadreno-corticism

    Addison’s disease may not be the first diagnosis that comes to mind when a dog with gastrointestinal signs presents, but this possibility should not be dismissed, as Romy Heilmann describes.

    By Romy M. Heilmann

    Issue number 33.1 Published 14/06/2023

    Giardiasis infection in dogs

    Giardia infection is commonly identified in dogs, but deciding if it is a significant finding, and selecting the best treatment approach for a given situation, can often raise questions in practice; this article aims to provide some answers for the clinician.

    By Rolf R. Nijsse and Paul A.M. Overgaauw

    Issue number 33.1 Published 07/06/2023

    PLE in dogs: causes and treatments

    Protein-losing enteropathy is a heterogenous syndrome in dogs, which means that the clinician should approach each case as an individual.

    By Sara A. Jablonski

    Issue number 33.1 Published 31/05/2023

    The feline gut-kidney axis: food for thought

    There is now strong evidence that there are significant links between the gut and the kidneys, and that gastrointestinal health may be a key consideration when treating kidney disease, as discussed in this article

    By Stacie C. Summers and Jessica M. Quimby

    Issue number 33.1 Published 24/05/2023

    Treating constipation in cats

    Is the constipated cat a simple “10-minute consultation”? Anything but, says Jonathan Lidbury, as he discusses a structured and careful approach to all such cases.

    By Jonathan A. Lidbury

    Issue number 33.1 Published 17/05/2023

    Feline exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

    Feline exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is more common than generally realized; this article offers pointers for successful diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

    By Panagiotis G. Xenoulis

    Issue number 25.2 Published 03/05/2023

    Ear infection: what the owner needs to know

    Otitis externa can be frustrating for both the owner and the clinician, as treatment requires a lot of effort, often for a protracted period of time. This article details the minimum information that should be provided to the cat and dog owner when the problem is first identified.

    By Alberto Martín Cordero

    Issue number 32.3 Published 26/04/2023

    Prescribing IV fluids in the cat

    Prescribing IV fluids for cats is not as straightforward as it may first appear; this paper offers a comprehensive overview of current knowledge.

    By Ivayla Yozova

    Issue number 33.1 Published 19/04/2023

    Gluten in human and canine health

    Gluten-free diets are currently popular for both humans and dogs, but actually how common are gluten-related disorders? This paper compares and contrasts what we know about them in both species.

    By Chih-Fan Chiang