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    Issue number 33.3 Published 22/12/2023

    How I approach… The old coughing dog

    The old dog that presents with a chronic cough can offer a number of diagnostic possibilities, as Lynelle Johnson describes here

    By Lynelle R. Johnson

    Issue number 33.3 Published 15/12/2023

    Sarcopenia and weight management in older dogs

    Muscle loss, or sarcopenia, in old dogs is a real and frequent problem; this article discusses how best to recognize and treat it

    By Matthew A. Kopke

    Issue number 33.2 Published 20/10/2023

    Early diagnosis of feline osteoarthritis

    OA in cats remains underdiagnosed and undertreated, despite its widespread prevalence; this paper looks at how we can surmount the challenge of early diagnosis, leading to better treatment interventions.

    By Lauren M. Meneghetti and Karen L. Perry

    Issue number 33.2 Published 06/10/2023

    House soiling in cats

    House soiling in cats is an all-too-common problem for many owners; this paper offers a holistic approach to help clinicians advise their clients

    By Kelly A. St. Denis

    Issue number 33.2 Published 27/09/2023

    Feline toxoplasmosis

    Toxoplasmosis is now known to have a worldwide distribution, and although the cat is the sole definitive host, the parasite can have significant implications for both human and animal health.

    By Christopher Fernandez-Prada and Victoria Wagner

    Issue number 33.2 Published 20/09/2023

    Feline hepatic lipidosis

    Hepatic lipidosis in the cat is a common and life-threatening condition, but a considered approach can often result in a positive outcome.

    By Ran Nivy

    Issue number 33.2 Published 13/09/2023

    How I approach The vomiting cat

    Vomiting, alone or in combination with other clinical signs, is a common presenting complaint in cats; in this paper the authors share their recommendations for a systematic clinical approach for both acute and chronic vomiting cases.

    By Ivan Montanes-Sancho and Silke Salavati

    Issue number 33.2 Published 06/09/2023

    Unexplained weight loss in the cat

    The “Shrinking Kitty” is a common presentation in the small animal clinic; this article offers a logical approach to the cat with unexplained weight loss.

    By Audrey K. Cook

    Issue number 33.2 Published 30/08/2023

    Continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic cats

    Recent technological advances now make it possible for the clinician to easily access continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic cats, as this article describes.

    By J. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff