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    Issue number 33.2 Published 13/09/2023

    How I approach The vomiting cat

    Vomiting, alone or in combination with other clinical signs, is a common presenting complaint in cats; in this paper the authors share their recommendations for a systematic clinical approach for both acute and chronic vomiting cases.

    By Ivan Montanes-Sancho and Silke Salavati

    Issue number 33.2 Published 06/09/2023

    Unexplained weight loss in the cat

    The “Shrinking Kitty” is a common presentation in the small animal clinic; this article offers a logical approach to the cat with unexplained weight loss.

    By Audrey K. Cook

    Issue number 33.2 Published 30/08/2023

    Continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic cats

    Recent technological advances now make it possible for the clinician to easily access continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic cats, as this article describes.

    By J. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff

    Issue number 25.1 Published 23/08/2023

    The three most common oral pathologies in adult cats

    The first step in detecting oral disease is to perform an initial oral examination in the awake animal. However, in order to thoroughly detect disease a complete oral examination must be performed under general anesthesia.

    By Javier Collados

    Issue number 25.1 Published 17/08/2023

    Canine Cushing’s syndrome

    Canine Cushing’s syndrome (Canine hyperadrenocorticism or HAC) is one of the more frequently encountered endocrinopathies in dogs, characterized by clinical signs of cortisol excess; the most common presenting signs are polyuria and polydipsia.

    By Bradley Bishop and Patty Lathan

    Issue number 25.1 Published 09/08/2023

    How I approach… The dog with failing eyesight

    When dealing with a dog that has started to lose its eyesight, it is essential – as with so many other situations in veterinary medicine – to initiate the consultation by obtaining a good history.

    By Gareth Jones

    Issue number 33.1 Published 05/07/2023

    Dietary fiber: the clinician’s secret weapon

    “Fiber” is a term used daily when discussing animal diets, but what does it actually entail? Adam Rudinsky offers an overview of fiber in all its different aspects.

    By Adam J. Rudinsky

    Issue number 33.1 Published 28/06/2023

    Fecal microbiota transplantation for GI disorders

    Fecal microbiota transplantation is starting to be seen as a viable option to treat various acute and chronic gastrointestinal problems in dogs, as Linda Toresson explains.

    By Linda Toresson

    Issue number 33.1 Published 21/06/2023

    Atypical canine Hypoadreno-corticism

    Addison’s disease may not be the first diagnosis that comes to mind when a dog with gastrointestinal signs presents, but this possibility should not be dismissed, as Romy Heilmann describes.

    By Romy M. Heilmann