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    Issue number 32.3 Published 25/01/2023

    How I approach… The dog in respiratory distress

    How do you deal with a dog in respiratory distress? This article reviews the optimal approach required to assess and stabilize the critically ill patient.

    By Jasper E. Burke and Deborah C. Silverstein

    Issue number 25.2 Published 18/01/2023

    Malassezia dermatitis and otitis in dogs

    Malassezia, a genus of fungi, is frequently found as a commensal organism in the skin, ear canals, nose, oral surfaces, perianal surfaces, anal sacs, and vagina of normal dogs and cats, and has even been identified on the epidermis of puppies as young as three days old.

    By Katherine Doerr

    Issue number 32.3 Published 11/01/2023

    Small animal transfusion medicine

    Confused about what blood product to use and when? This paper offers a review of the current options available for transfusion in small animal medicine.

    By João Araújo and Maria João Dourado

    Issue number 32.3 Published 04/01/2023

    Head trauma in dogs

    Head trauma in small animals can be challenging for any clinician, but this paper delivers a clear and concise summary of how to treat such cases.

    By David Sender and Kendon Kuo

    Issue number 32.3 Published 21/12/2022

    Feline pyothorax

    Feline pyothorax is a potentially fatal condition that requires prompt recognition and adequate treatment in order to ensure a good outcome for the patient, as Chiara Valtolina describes.

    By Chiara Valtolina

    Issue number 32.2 Published 14/12/2022

    Feline lungworm and heartworm

    Lungworm and heartworm are an underestimated but potentially serious threat for many cats, as this article reveals.

    By Jakub Gawor

    Issue number 32.2 Published 08/12/2022

    Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in the cat

    Diaphragmatic hernia is a common consequence of traumatic injury in cats and may be fatal if not promptly diagnosed and treated; this article reviews the pathophysiology and treatment of the condition.

    By Alistair Freeman and Catrina Pennington

    Issue number 32.2 Published 30/11/2022

    How I approach… Feline chylothorax

    Chylothorax is a differential for any cat with pleural effusion; here Elizabeth Rozanski describes her preferred approach to such cases.

    By Elizabeth Rozanski

    Issue number 32.2 Published 23/11/2022

    Feline allergic asthma

    Asthma is a common disease in cats, but it can mimic many other pathologies, and the diagnosis and treatment of the condition can be challenging, as this paper explains.

    By Carol Reinero