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Each year we publish four issues of Veterinary Focus which are split into three set themes. Issues focus on common concerns in pet health, clinical problems requiring detailed analysis, and specific practice management topics. Browse all past issues below.

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Regular issues

Each issue covers a set theme containing contributions from a range of internationally recognized authors sharing their knowledge and insight on specialist topics.

Special Practice Management issues

Written by four consultants in special practice management, each issue is created around one topic and offers guidance on how to optimize management and day-to-day administration within veterinary practices.

Special Clinical issues

Authored by four experts, issues focus on complex and specialist topics within animal health which require detailed insights and analysis.

Constipation in the Cat: Thinking Outside the Gut

Issue number 2 Published 01/01/2013

Constipation in the Cat: Thinking Outside the Gut

Tackling obesity in cats

Issue number 1 Published 01/01/2018

Tackling obesity in cats

A Behavioral Approach to Canine Obesity

Issue number 2 Published 01/01/2016

A behavioural approach to canine obesity