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Issue number 34.1 Date Published 05/04/2024

Updates in dermatology

Updates in dermatology

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Updates in dermatology

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Issue number34.1 Published 05/04/2024

Canine sebaceous adenitis

What is sebaceous adenitis? Many clinicians are unaware of this condition in dogs, but this article details all you need to know.

By Elad Perry

Issue number34.1 Published 19/04/2024

Canine pruritus: causes and therapies

Understanding what causes an animal to itch is the first step in successful treatment of the pruritic dog, as this article describes.

By Frédéric Sauvé

Issue number34.1 Published 03/05/2024

Canine pyoderma: a tiered approach

Our knowledge regarding canine pyoderma continues to evolve; this paper describes current thinking as to how we should approach such cases.

By Jason B. Pieper