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Issue number 32.3 Date Published 21/12/2022

Emergency and critical care topics

Emergency and critical care topics

Emergency and critical care topics

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Issue number32.3 Published 21/12/2022

Feline pyothorax

Feline pyothorax is a potentially fatal condition that requires prompt recognition and adequate treatment in order to ensure a good outcome for the patient, as Chiara Valtolina describes.

By Chiara Valtolina

Issue number32.3 Published 04/01/2023

Head trauma in dogs

Head trauma in small animals can be challenging for any clinician, but this paper delivers a clear and concise summary of how to treat such cases.

By David Sender and Kendon Kuo

Issue number32.3 Published 11/01/2023

Small animal transfusion medicine

Confused about what blood product to use and when? This paper offers a review of the current options available for transfusion in small animal medicine.

By João Araújo and Maria João Dourado

Issue number32.3 Published 25/01/2023

How I approach… The dog in respiratory distress

How do you deal with a dog in respiratory distress? This article reviews the optimal approach required to assess and stabilize the critically ill patient.

By Jasper E. Burke and Deborah C. Silverstein