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Issue number 32.3 Date Published 21/12/2022

Emergency and critical care topics

Emergency and critical care topics

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Emergency and critical care topics


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Issue number32.3 Published 21/12/2022

Feline pyothorax

Feline pyothorax is a potentially fatal condition that requires prompt recognition and adequate treatment in order to ensure a good outcome for the patient, as Chiara Valtolina describes.

By Chiara Valtolina

Issue number32.3 Published 04/01/2023

Head trauma in dogs

Head trauma in small animals can be challenging for any clinician, but this paper delivers a clear and concise summary of how to treat such cases.

By David Sender and Kendon Kuo

Issue number32.3 Published 11/01/2023

Small animal transfusion medicine

Confused about what blood product to use and when? This paper offers a review of the current options available for transfusion in small animal medicine.

By João Araújo and Maria João Dourado

Issue number32.3 Published 25/01/2023

How I approach… The dog in respiratory distress

How do you deal with a dog in respiratory distress? This article reviews the optimal approach required to assess and stabilize the critically ill patient.

By Jasper E. Burke and Deborah C. Silverstein

Issue number32.3 Published 08/02/2023

How I approach… Working successfully with breeders

Veterinarians sometimes find it challenging to work successfully with breeders, but this paper discusses how the relationship can be a positive experience for both parties.

By Valeriia Forkun

Issue number32.3 Published 15/02/2023

Arterial thromboembolism in cats

Feline thromboembolism is a condition which can strike without warning, and where the clinician’s assessment and decisions can make the difference between life and death, as discussed in this article by Michael Aherne.

By Michael Aherne

Issue number32.3 Published 15/03/2023

Canine diabetic ketoacidosis

What do you do when the critical diabetic patient arrives at the emergency clinic? This paper offers a step-by-step approach for optimal results.

By Sara Marella and Emma Donnelly

Issue number32.3 Published 29/03/2023

Acute heart failure in dogs

Acute heart failure in dogs carries a serious risk of death, and optimizing diagnosis and treatment is paramount, as discussed by Luca Ferasin.

By Luca Ferasin

Issue number32.3 Published 12/04/2023

Sepsis in the dog

Sepsis is a medical emergency in the dog; rapid identification and proactive intervention are essential for a positive outcome.

By Rafael Obrador de Aguilar

Issue number32.3 Published 26/04/2023

Prescribing IV fluids in the cat

Prescribing IV fluids for cats is not as straightforward as it may first appear; this paper offers a comprehensive overview of current knowledge.

By Ivayla Yozova

Issue number32.3 Published 10/05/2023

Veterinary internships in the USA

Thinking about doing an internship in the USA? This article delivers a brief guide to the advantages and disadvantages as to what one can offer.

By Anya Gambino