Międzynarodowe czasopismo medyczne i naukowe dla lekarzy weterynarii małych zwierząt
Veterinary Focus
Britta Dobenecker

Britta Dobenecker

Dip. ECVCN, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany


After graduating from Hannover’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Dobenecker studied for a doctoral thesis at the Institute of Physiological Chemistry in Hannover and the Institute of Animal Nutrition in Munich. She is a board-certified specialist in animal nutrition and dietetics (national level, European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ECVCN)). She currently is an Academic director at the Institute of Animal Nutrition and Dietetics at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, with her main research interests centered around calcium and phosphorus and their impact on skeletal and renal health in dogs and cats.

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