Międzynarodowe czasopismo medyczne i naukowe dla lekarzy weterynarii małych zwierząt
Veterinary Focus
Elizabeth O’Brien

Elizabeth O’Brien

DVM, Dip. ABVP (feline practice), The Cat Clinic, Hamilton, ON, Canada


Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien is the managing veterinarian of two feline-only practices in Ontario, where she continues to work as a practitioner and a passionate advocate for cat welfare. She received her veterinary degree in 1985 from the Ontario Veterinary College and became a Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in feline practice, in 1999. She is the visionary for Cat Healthy, an organization with a mission to increase the value and medicalization of cats in communities across Canada. She was the recipient of the prestigious CVMA Small Animal Practitioner of the Year Award for 2014.

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A well-designed cat examination room, with a blanket sprayed with pheromone and treats

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Successful kitten consults

Successful kitten visits to the clinic will set the feline patient up for a lifetime of veterinary care, as Liz O’Brien explains.

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