Międzynarodowe czasopismo medyczne i naukowe dla lekarzy weterynarii małych zwierząt
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Markus Eickhoff

Markus Eickhoff



Dr. Eickhoff qualified as a dentist in 1993 from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt before graduating in 1999 as a veterinarian from Giessen’s Justus Liebig University. As a past president of the German Veterinary Dental Society, Dr. Eickhoff runs a veterinary practice dedicated to dental, oral and maxillofacial medicine and has authored three textbooks on the subject.

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Figure 3. Fracture of the body of the mandible; the yellow arrow shows the direction of pull by muscles that open the jaw; the red arrow shows the direction of pull by muscles that close the jaw. Gaping of the fracture line and poor alignment.

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How I approach… Fractures of the maxilla and mandible in cats

Jaw fractures account for 5-7% of all fractures in cats and are frequently caused by car accidents or by falls from a height.

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