Międzynarodowe czasopismo medyczne i naukowe dla lekarzy weterynarii małych zwierząt
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Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson



Dr Thompson graduated from the University of Sydney, completed a small animal internal medicine residency at Purdue University, and has been board-certified with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine since 2001. Her research interests include Rickettsia felis, recurrent urinary tract infection, multi-drug resistant E. coli, and food-borne toxicities. She is currently an associate professor in Small Animal Medicine at Murdoch University and immediate past-president and current vice-president of both the Feline and Small Animal Medicine Chapters of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

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Intracellular trophozoites of Babesia felis

Numer wydania26.2 Data publikacji 12/03/2021

Feline vector-borne diseases

By comparison with diseases transmitted to dogs by hematophagous (blood-feeding) arthropods, veterinarians appear to be relatively unaware about the global importance of feline vector-borne diseases (FVBD).

przez Mary Thompson i Peter Irwin