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Éric Troncy

Éric Troncy

DEV, MSc, PhD, DUn-Pharmacology/-chemistry, Groupe de recherche en pharmacologie animale du Québec (GREPAQ), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Université de Montréal, Canada


Éric Troncy is currently Professor and Director of the Research Group GREPAQ at the Université-de-Montréal (UdM). He qualified from the National Veterinary School of Lyon and went on to complete an Anesthesiology Residency before gaining his PhD at UdM, and a Doctorate in Pharmacology at Louis-Pasteur University-of-Strasbourg, France. He has authored numerous articles and abstracts, many based on his clinical focus of small animal osteoarthritis. 

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Dog trying to climb stairs

Número da edição33.3 Publicado 22/03/2024

New approaches to osteoarthritis in dogs: etiology, detection, diagnosis

Are clinicians good at identifying osteoarthritis in dogs? Do we have preconceived ideas about it? This article challenges our understanding of the disease.

por Éric Troncy