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Jason B. Pieper

Jason B. Pieper

DVM, MS, Dip. ACVD, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA

United States

Dr. Pieper received his Bachelor of Science, Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and obtained his veterinary degree from Iowa State University in 2009. He went on to be awarded his Diploma in dermatology in 2015 and took a MS from University of Illinois in 2016. He is currently assistant professor in the department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Iowa State University.

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Intracellular pairs or clusters of cocci within neutrophils

Número da edição Publicado 03/05/2024

Canine pyoderma: a tiered approach

Our knowledge regarding canine pyoderma continues to evolve; this paper describes current thinking as to how we should approach such cases.

por Jason B. Pieper