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Sam Crothers

Sam Crothers



Dr. Crothers graduated from Murdoch University and worked in a busy first opinion small animal practice in Perth before moving to California to complete a dermatology residency at the University of California Davis (UCD). She then worked as a clinical instructor at UCD before moving to Colorado State University as an Assistant Professor. Upon returning to Australia, she worked at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital and in private practice before moving home to work at Veterinary Dermatology Specialists, where she is co-founder and director.

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Generalised bilateral symmetrical alopecia of the trunk with consequent intense hyperpigmentation of the skin due to exposure to UV light.

Numéro du magazine31.2 Publié 04/11/2021

Hyperadrénocorticisme chez le chien

Les chiens atteints d'hyperadrénocorticisme présentent souvent des signes dermatologiques.

par Fiona Scholz et Sam Crothers