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Ewan McNeill

Ewan McNeill


United Kingdom

Dr. McNeill gained his veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow and spent five years in mixed practice before moving to focus on small animal matters. He is currently principal of a first opinion city centre practice, with a special interest in radiology and ophthalmology, but he also finds time to work as a consultant for a company that specializes in offering bespoke business advice to veterinarians. A long-time contributor to the professional press, he has served as editor in chief for Veterinary Focus since 2010.

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Key challenges in the veterinary profession

The world brings challenges for the veterinary profession on a daily basis, and it can help to know that what we experience as individuals is shared by our colleagues, wherever they may be – and by understanding the challenges faced by other stakeholders we can work together in a way that is mutually beneficial.

por Cara McNeill e Ewan McNeill