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Lillian R. Aronson

Lillian R. Aronson


United States

After completing veterinary school and an internship at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Aronson undertook a small animal surgical residency at the University of California, Davis (UCD). From 1994-1996 she was the coordinator of the renal transplantation program for animals at UCD. Following her residency, she joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania – where she is currently Professor of Surgery – and started their renal transplantation program. Her clinical interests include all areas of soft tissue surgery, but in particular microvascular surgery and complex urinary tract surgery (including renal transplantation), and treatment of urolithiasis. As well as frequently lecturing in her specialist fields, she is the author of a textbook on small animal surgical emergencies.

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Feline renal transplantation

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Feline renal transplantation

Kidney transplantation has been pioneered in the USA as an option for treating feline renal disease...

por Lillian R. Aronson