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Aurélien Grellet

Aurélien Grellet



Dr Grellet qualified as a veterinarian from Liege Veterinary Faculty (Belgium) in 2005. After an internship at the university, he spent five years at the National Veterinary School of Alfort (Paris, France), firstly at the Canine and Feline Reproduction Center, and then at the Breeding Medicine and Sport Unit. In 2011, he completed a PhD on risk factors of weaning diarrhea in puppies. He now works at Royal Canin’s Research and Development Center in Aimargues.

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Weaning diarrhea in puppies

Issue number26.1 Published 12/03/2021

Weaning diarrhea in puppies

Gastrointestinal diseases are some of the most frequent problems reported in dogs, with puppies being at higher risk of diarrhea than adult animals...

By Aurélien Grellet