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Cara McNeill

Cara McNeill

University of Glasgow Veterinary College, Glasgow, UK

United Kingdom

Cara McNeill worked in a variety of jobs to gain experience – including as an animal nursing assistant in a first opinion companion animal practice and on a sheep farm – for 15 months after completing her secondary school education before starting her studies at Glasgow Veterinary School, where she is now in her last year of study. With both her mother and father working as practitioners she has perhaps more insight than most students for what lies ahead once she qualifies. 

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Issue number32.1 Published 06/07/2022

Key challenges in the veterinary profession

The world brings challenges for the veterinary profession on a daily basis, and it can help to know that what we experience as individuals is shared by our colleagues, wherever they may be – and by understanding the challenges faced by other stakeholders we can work together in a way that is mutually beneficial.

By Cara McNeill and Ewan McNeill