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Jacqueline Reid

Jacqueline Reid


United Kingdom

Professor Reid graduated from the University of Glasgow and after a number of years in small animal practice returned there to specialize in veterinary anesthesia. Her research interests are the assessment of pain and quality of life in non-verbal species which led to the development of the Glasgow composite measure acute pain scales for dogs and cats. She is currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University and also CEO of NewMetrica, a company specializing in the development of instruments to measure pain and health-related quality of life in non-verbal species.

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Pain assessment in the dog: the Glasgow Pain Scale

Issue number25.3 Published 21/04/2021

Pain assessment in the dog: the Glasgow Pain Scale

Pain is an unpleasant personal emotional experience. It has 3 dimensions: Sensory – discriminative (location, intensity, quality, duration)...

By Jacqueline Reid