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Jan Schreyer

Jan Schreyer



Dr. Schreyer completed his veterinary studies at the University of Leipzig in 1993 and was awarded his doctorate in 1997. Since 1993 he has worked with his wife in his own small animal practice where the focus of his work is dental medicine. In 2004 he received his diploma from the EVDC. He was President of the European Veterinary Dental Society 2010-2012 and is currently Vice-President of the German Veterinary Dental Medicine Society.

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Persistent milk canine teeth in a Yorkshire terrier. The permanent maxillary canine erupts mesially to the milk tooth.

Issue number22.3 Published 30/03/2021

Juvenile dentistry in dogs and cats

The incidence and severity of many oral problems (e.g.periodontal disease) increase with age; however young animals can also suffer from oral or dental disorders.

By Jan Schreyer