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Karolina Hołda

Karolina Hołda



Dr. Hołda graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland and went on to undertake further study at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ghent. A specialist in feline and canine nutrition and the owner of a nutritional advisory service (, she also runs online courses on the proper nutrition of dogs and cats, and has written over 70 scientific and popular science articles for both veterinary and zoological journals.

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Daily use of a puzzle feeding toy will give mental stimulation to a cat as well as helping avoid excess calorie intake

Issue number31.3 Published 27/07/2022

Myths in cat nutrition

A plethora of myths exist as to what a cat should or should not be fed to ensure a healthy lifestyle; this paper aims to put some of the inaccuracies to rest!

By Karolina Hołda