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Natalia Ribeiro dos Santos

Natalia Ribeiro dos Santos

DVM, PhD, Dip. ACT, École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort, France


Dr. Natalia Santos received her veterinary degree from the University of Uberlândia and a Master’s degree and her PhD in Animal Science (Reproduction) from the University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Following a residency in the United States she has held various academic appointments, including the department of Reproduction at Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Guelph University. Her interests are reproduction in general, and recently the maternal behavior of dogs and cats. She is currently head of the preventive medicine service at the École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort in France.

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A bitch nursing in a sitting position

Issue number32.1 Published 01/06/2022

Maternal behavior in bitches

Maternal behavior plays a major role in the survival of puppies during the first weeks of life, and it may also have a long-lasting effect on their cognitive development. This paper offers some cues and clues that could help the clinician when dealing with newborn puppies.

By Natalia Ribeiro dos Santos