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Taoufiq Errafi

Taoufiq Errafi

MSc, Food Tech & Sciences engineer, Royal Canin, Aimargues, France


Taoufiq Errafi graduated as a food and sciences engineer with a Master’s degree from Oniris Nantes, France before starting his career at Danone, a French health nutrition company. He joined Royal Canin in 2004 and has held various positions within the company over the last 18 years, including posts in quality & food safety, supply, and global engineering. He currently serves as global material (raw materials & ingredients) innovation manager.

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Marine algae such as Schizochytrium species naturally produce the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA using energy from sunlight

Issue number31.3 Published 05/10/2022

Sustainable sourcing of omega-3 (EPA/DHA) for cats and dogs

Research has achieved a novel method of obtaining omega-3 fatty acids for inclusion in pet foods, as this short paper describes.

By Taoufiq Errafi