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    Issue number 33.3 Published 05/01/2024

    Dermatology and the aging dog

    As dogs age, their skin also ages; this paper offers an overview of what these changes are and the most common dermatologic conditions seen in older dogs.

    By Mitzi D. Clark

    Issue number 25.2 Published 03/05/2023

    Ear infection: what the owner needs to know

    Otitis externa can be frustrating for both the owner and the clinician, as treatment requires a lot of effort, often for a protracted period of time. This article details the minimum information that should be provided to the cat and dog owner when the problem is first identified.

    By Alberto Martín Cordero

    Issue number 25.2 Published 05/04/2023

    Perianal pruritus in the dog

    Anal and perianal pruritus can be a real nuisance and requires careful diagnosis as there are several etiologies.

    By Elisa Maina and Chiara Noli

    Issue number 25.2 Published 22/03/2023

    Canine pyoderma: the problem of meticillin resistance

    Before the emergence of meticillin resistance, Staphylococcus pseudintermedius was susceptible to most of the antibiotic drugs available for animals

    By Ana Oliveira

    Issue number 25.2 Published 01/02/2023

    Canine cutaneous autoimmune disease

    Immune-mediated dermatoses are uncommon diseases in the dog and cat and may be subdivided into autoimmune and immune-mediated categories

    By Amy Shumaker

    Issue number 25.2 Published 18/01/2023

    Malassezia dermatitis and otitis in dogs

    Malassezia, a genus of fungi, is frequently found as a commensal organism in the skin, ear canals, nose, oral surfaces, perianal surfaces, anal sacs, and vagina of normal dogs and cats, and has even been identified on the epidermis of puppies as young as three days old.

    By Katherine Doerr

    Issue number 25.2 Published 21/12/2021

    How I approach... Demodicosis

    The diagnosis and treatment of demodicosis has evolved since it was first described.

    By Stephen Waisglass

    Issue number 31.2 Published 09/12/2021

    Wound management with cold plasma therapy

    Cold atmospheric pressure plasma therapy is an emerging technology in the veterinary field.

    By Christoph J. Klinger

    Issue number 31.2 Published 03/12/2021

    Isoxazolines for canine demodicosis

    There has been an influx of new molecules for treating canine ectoparasites over the last few years; here Vincent Defalque discusses the use of one of the most promising categories.

    By Vincent E. Defalque