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    Issue number 31.2 Published 28/10/2021

    A diagnostic approach to canine otitis

    Canine otitis is a frequent challenge for first opinion clinicians, and successful management is based on addressing the multiple causes and factors involved in its pathogenesis.

    By Hannah Lipscomb and Filippo De Bellis

    Issue number 31.2 Published 23/11/2021

    An overview of adverse food reactions in dogs

    Adverse food reactions can mimic many other skin disorders, and a good knowledge of the underlying pathology.

    By Elisa Maina

    Issue number 31.1 Published 07/04/2021

    Feline cutaneous adverse food reactions

    Owners are often keen to blame their cat’s diet if their pet develops a skin problem, but is this correct? In this article the authors discuss appropriate methods for the diagnosis and treatment of adverse food reactions.

    By Sarah Hoff and Darren Berger

    Issue number 28.1 Published 17/09/2020

    How to do an elimination diet for pets

    For many vets, common challenges when conducting elimination diet trials include...

    By Vandre Clear

    Issue number 31.2 Published 21/10/2021

    Canine atopic dermatitis and the owner

    Treating canine atopic dermatitis can be challenging in itself, but keeping the owner fully engaged can be challenging too.

    By Pascal Prélaud

    Issue number 28.1 Published 20/08/2020

    Anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic therapy in canine atopy

    Successful management of atopic dermatitis often requires sustained therapy...

    By Tim Nuttall and Debbie Gow

    Issue number 26.2 Published 01/04/2021

    How I approach… Overgrooming in cats

    Grooming is a normal cat behavior, involving licking and nibbling of the hair and skin, and facial rubbing with the forepaws.

    By Kate Griffiths

    Issue number 31.1 Published 15/04/2021

    Atopic dermatitis in cats demystified

    The atopic cat can be frustrating to diagnose and treat, but in this paper Jennifer Schissler demystifies some of the issues surrounding the condition.

    By Jennifer Schissler