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Susie Samuel

Susie Samuel


United Kingdom

Dr. Samuel graduated from Cambridge University in 2001 and spent ten years working in both mixed and small animal practices. In 2006 she set up, a website that helps owners decide how quickly they need to seek veterinary attention for their pets. The business quickly evolved to become a specialist veterinary Internet marketing agency, winning the 2015 Veterinary Marketing Award for Practice Marketing, and Dr. Samuel eventually left practice to become managing director of the company. She also holds the Google Certificate in Internet Marketing, and trains veterinary staff in all aspects of Internet marketing.


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Example of a professional-looking waiting room. ​ All the mistakes above were fixed and the following facilities were added: 1. Separated waiting areas for dogs and cats with cat carrier trees.

Número da edição1 Publicado 10/05/2021

How to offer a great experience - Part 1

Based on studies on a human hospital, this chapter will outline the different steps in the pet owner journey in your practice, including the consultation that should be a “golden moment” for your client.

por Philippe Baralon , Antje Blättner , Pere Mercader e Susie Samuel

How to attract clients to your clinic

Número da edição1 Publicado 07/05/2021

How to attract clients to your clinic

Internet has changed the “pet owner journey”: before telephoning a vet to ask questions or actually taking an appointment, the client will search the Internet (sometimes just to find a telephone number) and will have first information about your practice through it.

por Philippe Baralon , Antje Blättner , Pere Mercader e Susie Samuel

The importance of pet owner experience

Número da edição1 Publicado 05/05/2021

The importance of the pet owner experience

Vet practitioners are often not aware of their environment. They never stay in the waiting room of their practice for long. They sometimes even enter the practice through a different door than the one used by their clients.

por Philippe Baralon , Antje Blättner , Pere Mercader e Susie Samuel

COVID-19: the telemedicine solution

Número da edição7 Publicado 23/04/2020

COVID-19: The telemedicine solution

The COVID-19 outbreak has meant that most veterinarians are having to consider telemedicine...

por Susie Samuel