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Caring for the senior pet

Caring for the senior pet

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Sarcopenia and weight management in older dogs

Muscle loss, or sarcopenia, in old dogs is a real and frequent problem; this article discusses how best to recognize and treat it

Автор(и): Matthew A. Kopke

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 22/12/2023

How I approach… The old coughing dog

The old dog that presents with a chronic cough can offer a number of diagnostic possibilities, as Lynelle Johnson describes here

Автор(и): Lynelle R. Johnson

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 05/01/2024

Dermatology and the aging dog

As dogs age, their skin also ages; this paper offers an overview of what these changes are and the most common dermatologic conditions seen in older dogs.

Автор(и): Mitzi D. Clark

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 12/01/2024

How I approach… Gingival enlargement in the dog

Gingival enlargement in a dog‘s mouth is a common presentation in the exam room; this paper covers the common pathologies encountered and discusses the preferred approach to treatment.

Автор(и): Christopher Sauvé

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 19/01/2024

Nutrition of aging cats

Want to know how older cats differ in their nutritional needs from younger individuals? This article tells you what you need to know.

Автор(и): Lori Prantil та Becca Leung

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 26/01/2024

Canine cognitive dysfunction

Canine “dementia” is becoming more common as our pet population ages; this article reviews the signs, differential diagnoses and treatment for such cases

Автор(и): Beverley M. Wilson та Daniel S. Mills

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 09/02/2024

Pathologic hypercalcemia in the dog

This paper looks at differential diagnoses and therapeutic management options when a dog is found to have elevated calcium levels.

Автор(и): Jordan M. Hampel та Timothy M. Fan

Номер випуску33.3 Опубліковано 23/02/2024

How I approach… A meaningful euthanasia appointment

Euthanasia is one of the most common and important procedures undertaken in veterinary medicine; here Dr. Cooney shares her thoughts on how to provide a compassionate and highly skilled end-of-life experience for both the pet patient and the caregiver.

Автор(и): Kathleen Cooney