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Patty Lathan

Patty Lathan

VMD, MS, Dip. ACVIM, Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Starkville, Mississippi, USA

United States

Patty Lathan is an Associate Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She attended college at Texas A&M University and veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania, then completed an internship at Mississippi State University before finishing a residency in small animal internal medicine at Purdue University. Her primary interest is endocrine disease.

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Cocker Spaniel

Issue number25.1 Published 17/08/2023

Canine Cushing’s syndrome

Canine Cushing’s syndrome (Canine hyperadrenocorticism or HAC) is one of the more frequently encountered endocrinopathies in dogs, characterized by clinical signs of cortisol excess; the most common presenting signs are polyuria and polydipsia.

By Bradley Bishop and Patty Lathan