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Russ Kelley

Russ Kelley

MS, Pet Health Nutrition Center (PHNC), Lewisburg, Ohio, USA

United States

After graduating from Auburn University in 1997, Russ Kelley joined the Iams Company, where he led research into maternal and neonatal nutrition, with an emphasis on fatty acid metabolism. He has various interests including gastrointestinal health for puppies and stress, and is currently Research Manager in the PHNC Team for Royal Canin. 

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Regular training is a vital part of a puppy’s upbringing

Issue number32.1 Published 15/06/2022

DHA for puppies

How important are dietary long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for healthy development? Russ Kelley describes some recent work that suggests they are a vital part of a puppy’s nutritional requirements.

By Russ Kelley