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    Issue number 32.1 Published 11/05/2022

    Fetal fluid centesis in the bitch

    To date, amniocentesis has rarely been used in veterinary medicine, despite having tremendous potential for both clinical and research applications; this paper discusses an established method for fetal fluid sampling in bitches.

    By Smadar Tal

    Issue number 32.1 Published 04/05/2022

    Antimicrobial use in puppies and kittens

    How should we approach the problematic choice of antibiotic in young puppies and kittens? J. Scott Weese offers a practical guide to this all-too-common scenario in small animal practice.

    By J. Scott Weese

    Issue number 32.1 Published 27/04/2022

    Kitten vaccinations and immunity

    Ensuring kittens have an optimal vaccination schedule whilst creating positive patient experiences at the veterinary clinic can be a win-win situation, as Kelly St. Denis describes.

    By Kelly A. St. Denis

    Issue number 32.1 Published 20/04/2022

    Puppy growth charts

    Growth charts for children are nothing new, but recent work has resulted in the concept being developed for dogs, and they are now an essential part of the veterinarian’s toolkit.

    By Caitlin Grant

    Issue number 32.1 Published 06/04/2022

    Canine milk replacers

    It may sound simple enough to offer milk to newborn puppies, but various pitfalls await the unwary, as Emmanuel Fontaine describes.

    By Emmanuel Fontaine

    Issue number 25.2 Published 21/12/2021

    How I approach... Demodicosis

    The diagnosis and treatment of demodicosis has evolved since it was first described.

    By Stephen Waisglass

    Issue number 31.2 Published 09/12/2021

    Wound management with cold plasma therapy

    Cold atmospheric pressure plasma therapy is an emerging technology in the veterinary field.

    By Christoph J. Klinger

    Issue number 31.2 Published 03/12/2021

    Isoxazolines for canine demodicosis

    There has been an influx of new molecules for treating canine ectoparasites over the last few years; here Vincent Defalque discusses the use of one of the most promising categories.

    By Vincent E. Defalque

    Issue number 31.2 Published 23/11/2021

    An overview of adverse food reactions in dogs

    Adverse food reactions can mimic many other skin disorders, and a good knowledge of the underlying pathology.

    By Elisa Maina