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    Issue number 34.1 Published 03/05/2024

    Canine pyoderma: a tiered approach

    Our knowledge regarding canine pyoderma continues to evolve; this paper describes current thinking as to how we should approach such cases.

    By Jason B. Pieper

    Issue number 34.1 Published 19/04/2024

    Canine pruritus: causes and therapies

    Understanding what causes an animal to itch is the first step in successful treatment of the pruritic dog, as this article describes.

    By Frédéric Sauvé

    Issue number 34.1 Published 05/04/2024

    Canine sebaceous adenitis

    What is sebaceous adenitis? Many clinicians are unaware of this condition in dogs, but this article details all you need to know.

    By Elad Perry

    Issue number 33.3 Published 22/03/2024

    New approaches to osteoarthritis in dogs: etiology, detection, diagnosis

    Are clinicians good at identifying osteoarthritis in dogs? Do we have preconceived ideas about it? This article challenges our understanding of the disease.

    By Éric Troncy

    Issue number 33.3 Published 08/03/2024

    Anesthesia of the geriatric patient

    Anesthetizing the older patient is a daily occurrence in veterinary practice; here the authors review current knowledge and advise on the safest approach to such animals.

    By Kate White and Flo Hillen

    Issue number 33.3 Published 09/02/2024

    Pathologic hypercalcemia in the dog

    This paper looks at differential diagnoses and therapeutic management options when a dog is found to have elevated calcium levels.

    By Jordan M. Hampel and Timothy M. Fan

    Issue number 33.3 Published 05/01/2024

    Dermatology and the aging dog

    As dogs age, their skin also ages; this paper offers an overview of what these changes are and the most common dermatologic conditions seen in older dogs.

    By Mitzi D. Clark

    Issue number 33.3 Published 22/12/2023

    How I approach… The old coughing dog

    The old dog that presents with a chronic cough can offer a number of diagnostic possibilities, as Lynelle Johnson describes here

    By Lynelle R. Johnson

    Issue number 33.3 Published 15/12/2023

    Sarcopenia and weight management in older dogs

    Muscle loss, or sarcopenia, in old dogs is a real and frequent problem; this article discusses how best to recognize and treat it

    By Matthew A. Kopke