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Hanna Mila

Hanna Mila

DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor


Hanna Mila graduated from Wrocław Veterinary Faculty (Poland, 2009), where she worked during two years at the Clinic of Small Animal Reproduction. In 2012, she joined the Clinic of Small Animal Reproduction at the Veterinary School of Toulouse (France). In September 2015, she received her PhD degree with the work on determinants of survival in puppies. Today, Hanna Mila is an assistant professor in canine and feline facilities at the Veterinary School of Toulouse (France). Her research interests focus on canine neonatology and paediatrics, and particularly the risk factors for puppies’ and kittens’ survival, their monitoring and management during the first months of life.

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Canine colostrum

Issue number26.1 Published 19/03/2021

Canine colostrum

The neonatal period is a major risk period in the dog, since approximately 20% of live-born puppies die before they are 21 days old...

By Sylvie Chastant-Maillard and Hanna Mila