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Sylvie Chastant-Maillard

Sylvie Chastant-Maillard

DMV, PhD, Dip. ECAR, NeoCare, École Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse, France


Dr. Chastant obtained her veterinary diploma in 1990 from the National Veterinary School of Alfort (France), and was awarded her doctorate for research into pre-implantation of mammalian embryos in 1995. A diplomate of ECAR (the European College for Animal Reproduction), she is currently a professor at the National Veterinary School of Toulouse, where she teaches small animal reproduction and heads up Neocare, a center dedicated to all aspects of puppy and kitten neonatology and pediatrics.

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The correct position for holding a neonate puppy when placing the feeding tube

Issue number32.1 Published 18/05/2022

Dealing with the sick newborn puppy

The “Fading Puppy Syndrome” is well recognized in veterinary practice; this paper offers a practical approach to the problem.

By Sylvie Chastant-Maillard

Canine colostrum

Issue number26.1 Published 19/03/2021

Canine colostrum

The neonatal period is a major risk period in the dog, since approximately 20% of live-born puppies die before they are 21 days old...

By Sylvie Chastant-Maillard and Hanna Mila