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    Issue number 33.3 Published 15/12/2023

    Sarcopenia and weight management in older dogs

    Muscle loss, or sarcopenia, in old dogs is a real and frequent problem; this article discusses how best to recognize and treat it

    By Matthew A. Kopke

    Issue number 33.2 Published 06/09/2023

    Unexplained weight loss in the cat

    The “Shrinking Kitty” is a common presentation in the small animal clinic; this article offers a logical approach to the cat with unexplained weight loss.

    By Audrey K. Cook

    Issue number 33.2 Published 30/08/2023

    Continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic cats

    Recent technological advances now make it possible for the clinician to easily access continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic cats, as this article describes.

    By J. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff

    Issue number 32.3 Published 15/03/2023

    Canine diabetic ketoacidosis

    What do you do when the critical diabetic patient arrives at the emergency clinic? This paper offers a step-by-step approach for optimal results.

    By Sara Marella and Emma Donnelly

    Issue number 31.3 Published 24/08/2022

    Pet obesity: new challenges, new solutions

    Obesity in our pets is nothing new – but Alex German offers some new ideas as to how the problem can be best tackled.

    By Alexander J. German

    Issue number 24.3 Published 10/02/2021

    Co-morbidity of overweight and obesity in dogs and cats

    Obesity is a nutritional disease of concern in both canine and feline pets, with up to 35% of adult dogs and cats in the United States reported to be either overweight or obese.

    By Emi Kate Saito