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Issue number 31.1 Date Published 15/04/2021

Feline Dermatology

Feline dermatology

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Vet Focus Issue 31.1 Feline Dermatology


Articles section

Self-induced ventral alopecia, often with no obvious lesions, is a common presentation in cats with skin disease.

Issue number31.1 Published 07/04/2021

Feline cutaneous adverse food reactions

Owners are often keen to blame their cat’s diet if their pet develops a skin problem, but is this correct? In this article the authors discuss appropriate methods for the diagnosis and treatment of adverse food reactions.

By Sarah Hoff and Darren Berger

Issue number31.1 Published 15/04/2021

Feline atopic dermatitis demystified

The atopic cat can be frustrating to diagnose and treat, but in this paper Jennifer Schissler demystifies some of the issues surrounding the condition.

By Jennifer Schissler

Silhouettes depicting the proportion of distribution of lesions in cats with hypersensitivity dermatides.

Issue number31.1 Published 29/04/2021

Therapeutic options for the pruritic cat

The clinician presented with an itchy cat has fewer options than when dealing with a pruritic dog – or is that true? Jay Korbelik offers some ideas backed by clinical studies.

By Jay Korbelik

Multifocal areas of alopecia and crusting on the dorsal nasal bridge and rostral muzzle of a kitten with M. canis infection

Issue number31.1 Published 05/05/2021

Feline dermatophytosis

Dermatophytosis (often known as “ringworm”) is a common dermatological fungal infection in cats that should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible, as Amelia White explains.

By Amelia White