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    Issue number 26.2 Published 22/03/2021

    Feeding hospitalized cats

    When should a cat be fed? Basically, as soon as possible!

    By Rene Dorfelt

    Issue number 27.3 Published 28/11/2019

    Canine hydrocephalus

    Some of the smaller breeds of dog are prone to hydrocephalus...

    By William B. Thomas

    Issue number 26.1 Published 15/03/2021

    Occurrence of congenital conditions in puppies

    The addition of a puppy into a household is a fun and exciting time for new pet owners.

    By Emi Kate Saito and Catherine Rhoads

    Issue number 22.3 Published 01/04/2021

    How I approach… Fractures of the maxilla and mandible in cats

    Jaw fractures account for 5-7% of all fractures in cats and are frequently caused by car accidents or by falls from a height.

    By Markus Eickhoff

    Issue number 27.3 Published 07/11/2019

    The small dog trend: impact of size on pet health

    Smaller dog breeds are becoming more and more popular...

    By Jamie L. Freyer

    Issue number 30.2 Published 15/10/2020

    Dog walking – One health, one welfare

    Walking a dog may simply appear to be a normal part of dog ownership...

    By Carri Westgarth

    Issue number 26.1 Published 16/03/2021

    Anesthesia for cesarean section in the dog

    The major goal in anesthesia for cesarean section (CS) is to minimize fetal effects of anesthetic drugs in order to minimize fetal respiratory...

    By Bonnie Hay Kraus

    Issue number 26.2 Published 12/03/2021

    Feline vector-borne diseases

    By comparison with diseases transmitted to dogs by hematophagous (blood-feeding) arthropods, veterinarians appear to be relatively unaware about the global importance of feline vector-borne diseases (FVBD).

    By Mary Thompson and Peter Irwin