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    Issue number 31.3 Published 04/08/2022

    Homemade diets – good or bad?

    Clinicians will often be faced with an owner who wants to feed their pet a homemade diet; this article looks at the potential problems and benefits such an approach can bring.

    By Marjorie Chandler

    Issue number 31.3 Published 27/07/2022

    Myths in cat nutrition

    A plethora of myths exist as to what a cat should or should not be fed to ensure a healthy lifestyle; this paper aims to put some of the inaccuracies to rest!

    By Karolina Hołda

    Issue number 32.1 Published 22/06/2022

    How to prevent behavior problems in puppies

    Many owners will choose their puppy for all the wrong reasons, but Jon Bowen identifies some key factors that can help a young puppy develop into a great member of the family.

    By Jon Bowen

    Issue number 32.1 Published 15/06/2022

    DHA for puppies

    How important are dietary long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for healthy development? Russ Kelley describes some recent work that suggests they are a vital part of a puppy’s nutritional requirements.

    By Russ Kelley

    Issue number 32.1 Published 08/06/2022

    Feline developmental stages

    Understanding the different stages in a kitten’s development is key to advising owners as to the best ways to interact with their cat, as Kersti Seksel describes.

    By Kersti Seksel

    Issue number 32.1 Published 01/06/2022

    Maternal behavior in bitches

    Maternal behavior plays a major role in the survival of puppies during the first weeks of life, and it may also have a long-lasting effect on their cognitive development. This paper offers some cues and clues that could help the clinician when dealing with newborn puppies.

    By Natalia Ribeiro dos Santos

    Issue number 32.1 Published 24/05/2022

    Successful kitten consults

    Successful kitten visits to the clinic will set the feline patient up for a lifetime of veterinary care, as Liz O’Brien explains.

    By Elizabeth O’Brien

    Issue number 32.1 Published 18/05/2022

    Dealing with the sick newborn puppy

    The “Fading Puppy Syndrome” is well recognized in veterinary practice; this paper offers a practical approach to the problem.

    By Sylvie Chastant-Maillard

    Issue number 32.1 Published 11/05/2022

    Fetal fluid centesis in the bitch

    To date, amniocentesis has rarely been used in veterinary medicine, despite having tremendous potential for both clinical and research applications; this paper discusses an established method for fetal fluid sampling in bitches.

    By Smadar Tal