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    Issue number 33.2 Published 20/10/2023

    Early diagnosis of feline osteoarthritis

    OA in cats remains underdiagnosed and undertreated, despite its widespread prevalence; this paper looks at how we can surmount the challenge of early diagnosis, leading to better treatment interventions.

    By Lauren M. Meneghetti and Karen L. Perry

    Issue number 25.1 Published 23/08/2023

    The three most common oral pathologies in adult cats

    The first step in detecting oral disease is to perform an initial oral examination in the awake animal. However, in order to thoroughly detect disease a complete oral examination must be performed under general anesthesia.

    By Javier Collados

    Issue number 25.1 Published 17/08/2023

    Canine Cushing’s syndrome

    Canine Cushing’s syndrome (Canine hyperadrenocorticism or HAC) is one of the more frequently encountered endocrinopathies in dogs, characterized by clinical signs of cortisol excess; the most common presenting signs are polyuria and polydipsia.

    By Bradley Bishop and Patty Lathan

    Issue number 25.1 Published 09/08/2023

    How I approach… The dog with failing eyesight

    When dealing with a dog that has started to lose its eyesight, it is essential – as with so many other situations in veterinary medicine – to initiate the consultation by obtaining a good history.

    By Gareth Jones

    Issue number 32.3 Published 29/03/2023

    Acute heart failure in dogs

    Acute heart failure in dogs carries a serious risk of death, and optimizing diagnosis and treatment is paramount, as discussed by Luca Ferasin.

    By Luca Ferasin

    Issue number 32.3 Published 15/02/2023

    Arterial thromboembolism in cats

    Feline thromboembolism is a condition which can strike without warning, and where the clinician’s assessment and decisions can make the difference between life and death, as discussed in this article by Michael Aherne.

    By Michael Aherne

    Issue number 32.2 Published 14/12/2022

    Feline lungworm and heartworm

    Lungworm and heartworm are an underestimated but potentially serious threat for many cats, as this article reveals.

    By Jakub Gawor

    Issue number 32.2 Published 08/12/2022

    Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in the cat

    Diaphragmatic hernia is a common consequence of traumatic injury in cats and may be fatal if not promptly diagnosed and treated; this article reviews the pathophysiology and treatment of the condition.

    By Alistair Freeman and Catrina Pennington

    Issue number 32.2 Published 30/11/2022

    How I approach… Feline chylothorax

    Chylothorax is a differential for any cat with pleural effusion; here Elizabeth Rozanski describes her preferred approach to such cases.

    By Elizabeth Rozanski