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    Issue number 26.1 Published 25/03/2021

    A quick guide to… Intensive care of newborn puppies

    Puppies are less well developed at birth than many other species, and high mortality rates are not uncommon in the first two weeks of life.

    By Renata Azevedo de Abreu and Camila Vannucchi

    Issue number 30.1 Published 09/07/2020

    Detection of early chronic kidney disease in cats

    Kidney disease is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in older cats...

    By Jonathan Elliott and Hannah J. Sargent

    Issue number 30.1 Published 02/07/2020

    Front line ultrasound imaging of the feline kidney

    Most practices nowadays will have access to an ultrasound machine...

    By Gregory Lisciandro

    Issue number 25.3 Published 14/04/2021

    Traumatic head injuries in cats

    The ability to recognize clinical signs consistent with a declining neurologic status is critical in the management of cats following head trauma.

    By Simon Platt

    Issue number 26.1 Published 10/03/2021

    How I Approach… A young puppy with a heart murmur

    Puppy murmurs are a common clinical finding for many practitioners.

    By Hannah Hodgkiss-Geere

    Issue number 29.1 Published 25/04/2019

    Feline infectious peritonitis

    Amongst the many feline viruses, the agent that causes FIP is perhaps the most...

    By Elizabeth A. Berliner

    Issue number 24.3 Published 10/02/2021

    Nutritional considerations for the aging cat

    Improved veterinary care, nutrition and lifestyle have collectively improved the life expectancy of dogs and cats over the last 20 years.

    By Vincent Biourge and Denise Elliott

    Issue number 29.1 Published 28/02/2019

    Emergency care for kittens

    Kittens will frequently present as emergencies at first opinion veterinary clinics...

    By Guillaume L. Hoareau