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Issue number 26.2 Date Published 01/01/2016

Feline Medicine

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Issue 26.2 Feline Medicine

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Issue number26.2 Published 02/01/2016

The ascitic cat

Ascites is a term used to describe the accumulation of free fluid within the peritoneal cavity...

By Erin Anderson

Issue number26.2 Published 21/01/2021

Optimizing an indoor lifestyle for cats 

People benefit from living with pets...

By Margie Scherk

Issue number26.2 Published 28/01/2021

How I approach... The sneezing cat

Sneezing is a remarkably common presenting complaint in cats...

By Elizabeth Rozanski

Issue number26.2 Published 11/02/2021

Improving diet palatability for cats with CKD

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common pathologies in elderly cats, with more than 30% of individuals over 15 years of age affected.

By Astrid Le Bozec

Issue number26.2 Published 25/02/2021

Why focus on felines in your veterinary clinic?

Just over 50 years ago, the Canadian Veterinary Journal carried an article, presenting an outline of all that was known at that time about feline medicine. It ran to ten pages in total. Feline medicine has grown steadily in popularity since then; the first cat-only practices were established in the U.S. in the 1970’s.

By Susan Little

Issue number26.2 Published 12/03/2021

Feline vector-borne diseases

By comparison with diseases transmitted to dogs by hematophagous (blood-feeding) arthropods, veterinarians appear to be relatively unaware about the global importance of feline vector-borne diseases (FVBD).

By Mary Thompson and Peter Irwin

Issue number26.2 Published 22/03/2021

Feeding hospitalized cats

When should a cat be fed? Basically, as soon as possible!

By Rene Dorfelt

Issue number26.2 Published 01/04/2021

How I approach… Overgrooming in cats

Grooming is a normal cat behavior, involving licking and nibbling of the hair and skin, and facial rubbing with the forepaws.

By Kate Griffiths

Issue number26.2 Published 11/07/2023

A survey on workload and wellbeing

Burnout and poor mental health may be key factors linked to the current shortage of veterinarians; this paper presents the results of a recent survey that attempts to gauge the scale of the problems.

By Gerdinique C. Maessen and Luc T. Theunisse