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Issue number 26.2 Date Published 01/01/2016

Feline Medicine

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Issue 26.2 Feline Medicine

Articles section

Issue number26.2 Published 02/01/2016

The ascitic cat

Ascites is a term used to describe the accumulation of free fluid within the peritoneal cavity...

By Erin Anderson

Issue number26.2 Published 21/01/2021

Optimizing an indoor lifestyle for cats 

People benefit from living with pets...

By Margie Scherk

Issue number26.2 Published 28/01/2021

How I approach... The sneezing cat

Sneezing is a remarkably common presenting complaint in cats...

By Elizabeth Rozanski

Issue number26.2 Published 11/02/2021

Improving diet palatability for cats with CKD

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common pathologies in elderly cats, with more than 30% of individuals over 15 years of age affected.

By Astrid Le Bozec

Issue number26.2 Published 12/03/2021

Feline vector-borne diseases

By comparison with diseases transmitted to dogs by hematophagous (blood-feeding) arthropods, veterinarians appear to be relatively unaware about the global importance of feline vector-borne diseases (FVBD).

By Mary Thompson and Peter Irwin

Issue number26.2 Published 22/03/2021

Feeding hospitalized cats

When should a cat be fed? Basically, as soon as possible!

By Rene Dorfelt

Issue number26.2 Published 01/04/2021

How I approach… Overgrooming in cats

Grooming is a normal cat behavior, involving licking and nibbling of the hair and skin, and facial rubbing with the forepaws.

By Kate Griffiths