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Issue number 31.3 Date Published 16/02/2022

Nutrition topics in small animal practice

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Issue number31.3 Published 29/06/2022

Canine microbiome dysbiosis

It is increasingly being recognized that a dysfunctional intestinal microbiome can be at the root of many gastrointestinal disorders; this paper discusses the diagnosis and therapeutic options for dysbiosis cases.

By Jan Suchodolski

Issue number31.3 Published 27/07/2022

Myths in cat nutrition

A plethora of myths exist as to what a cat should or should not be fed to ensure a healthy lifestyle; this paper aims to put some of the inaccuracies to rest!

By Karolina Hołda

Issue number31.3 Published 04/08/2022

Homemade diets – good or bad?

Clinicians will often be faced with an owner who wants to feed their pet a homemade diet; this article looks at the potential problems and benefits such an approach can bring.

By Marjorie Chandler

Issue number31.3 Published 10/08/2022

Diet and canine dilated cardiomyopathy

What is the link between certain diets and canine heart disease? This paper gives an overview of the current situation and offers some advice for clinicians.


Issue number31.3 Published 17/08/2022

FAQs about cat nutrition

The feline species is unique in many ways, and none more so than in its nutritional requirements, as illustrated in this question-and-answer paper from Ana Lourenço.

By Ana Luísa Lourenço

Issue number31.3 Published 24/08/2022

Pet obesity: new challenges, new solutions

Obesity in our pets is nothing new – but Alex German offers some new ideas as to how the problem can be best tackled.

By Alexander J. German

Issue number31.3 Published 14/09/2022

Calcium and phosphorus – getting the balance right

It is critical to ensure that a puppy is neither over- nor under-supplied with certain nutrients and minerals during the growth phase, but this can be more difficult than it first appears, as discussed in this paper.

By Linda Böswald and Britta Dobenecker

Issue number31.3 Published 05/10/2022

Sustainable sourcing of omega-3 (EPA/DHA) for cats and dogs

Research has achieved a novel method of obtaining omega-3 fatty acids for inclusion in pet foods, as this short paper describes.

By Taoufiq Errafi

Issue number31.3 Published 06/10/2022

Individualized pet nutrition

This short paper explains why individualized nutrition is important for an animal’s health, how new technology now allows tailor-made nutritional solutions for pets, and the benefits it brings.

By Emmanuelle Sagols and Sally Perea