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Issue number 30.2 Other Management

Making your practice more feline centric

Published 29/10/2020

Written by Natalie L. Marks

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Natalie Marks has recently been involved with a project designed to help practices become more friendly for cats and their owners; here she describes how she sets out to enthuse and inspire the veterinary team.

Making your practice more feline centric

Key Points

There is a great deal of misinformation within veterinary practices regarding feline matters, including behavior, medicine, handling and even nutrition.

It is essential to ensure that the clinic’s support team feels empowered; this can be helped by appointing a cat “champion” for the practice.

Honest self-assessment of the different touchpoints for the cat-owning client is time well spent, as it forces us to turn a critical eye onto all aspects of the hospital and its policies.

A “feline focus committee” within the practice can implement action items in a practical manner and ensure that the initiative remains at the heart of the hospital’s functioning.

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