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Issue number 28.3 Nutrition

Breed and diet-based disease in dogs

Published 12/12/2018

Written by Giacomo Biagi

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When faced with a dog that has a severe problem it can be easy at times to overlook the significance that breed plays in susceptibility to a disease. Giacomo Biagi offers a brief overview of some common breed-related problems where diet can play a major role.

Breed and diet-based disease in dogs

Key Points

Certain dog breeds are predisposed to developing specific types of urolith, particularly in relation to urate, cystine and xanthine calculi.

Zinc deficiency should be considered when reviewing possible causes of dermatitis in dogs belonging to the Northern breed group, especially if periocular lesions are present.

Copper-storage disease is not exclusive to Bedlington Terriers and can affect many other breeds.

Some dogs, especially of the Northern breed group, can develop gastrointestinal signs due to an inherited inability to digest starch secondary to pancreatic amylase deficiency.

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